Art and Plant Biotechnology

Artist-in-Residence at the IBMCP

Come to the IBMCP to work at the intersection of your artistic discipline and plant biotechnology

Deadline December 30, 2021

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Last Call (CLOSED)


The AR(t)IBMCP call marks the beginning of the Artist-in-Residence Program launched by the Vice-Rectorate for Art, Science, Technology and Society of the Universitat Politècnica de València, UPV, intended to promote an interdisciplinary exchange between international researchers, scientists and artists with UPV.

The main objective of the residency is to create an artwork, and then promote it through outreach.

The content of the artwork will be related to the research carried out at IBMCP, a joint center UPV-CSIC working on plant biotechnology, thus allowing to explore new ways of communication about the achievements made at that center.

We are looking for an innovative trans-disciplinary project that explores new visions of the role of plant biotechnology in agriculture and extends beyond the fields of art and science, approaching, for example, ethics and social responsibility issues.

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Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular de Plantas

The Institute for Plant Molecular and Cell Biology at Valencia, Spain

The Institute for Plant Molecular and Cell Biology, IBMCP is a non-for-profit, public research institution, with over 30 years of history, which strives to respond to global challenges faced by humanity, such as producing more food with less consumption of resources, growing crops that are better adapted to climate change, producing vaccines and plant-based medications, and recovering the traditional flavor of tomatoes among the current varieties, to name a few examples.

The Institute carries out both basic and applied research in a wide variety of crops, including citrus trees, tomatoes, rice, melon and broccoli, among others.

This has made IBMCP a benchmark research center in biology and biotechnology at the international level, with one sole objective: to advance knowledge aimed at unraveling the secret of the life of plants, in order to get more productive and sustainable crops and healthier, higher quality foods.

Terms of collaboration

What we offer to the artist

A workspace at IBMCP and in situ scientific tutoring by IBMCP staff as scientific mentors, allowing the artist to discover from within different research projects, their objectives, and the scientific methods and experimental approaches used. In addition, the pertinent security training will be provided.

A grant of € 3,000 for the artist.

Up to € 8,500 for production expenses.

Up to € 2,500 for travel, board and lodging.

The dissemination of the project in publications and networks of the IBMCP and UPV.

The opportunity to show prototypes and the final artwork at show exhibitions and museums at Valencia.

All ownership and any other rights on the artwork are in the hands of the artist.

What we expect from the artist

To create an artwork related to the research carried out at IBMCP which opens up new perspectives in the field of art interaction, science, technology and society.

To give a conference at the start and another one at the end of the residency at IBMCP.

To maintain a public blog provided by UPV to document the artistic/scientific experience of the artist and her process of working during the residency.

To attend the setting up and presentation of the final exhibition of the artwork at a museum at Valencia.

To include the recognition that the artwork was developed in the AR(t)IBMCP Artist-in-Residency Program in cooperation with the IBMCP and the UPV in all its future exhibitions and documentations.



Download a PDF with all the details of AR(t)IBMCP, including the structure of the residency, the schedule, the application process, and the resolution of the call.

You can also download a PDF with the official call by the Rector of the Universitat Politécnica de Valéncia, UPV.

Submit your proposal (CLOSED)

Deadline December 30, 21

Documents Requested

A brief video (up to 1 min) of personal testimony in which the artist explains why they apply for the residency.

Description of the artwork that will be researched and will be created as a part of the residency.

Brief description of the artist’s expectations with respect to the collaboration with the scientists, as well as necessary resources.

Project production plan for artistic research, timeline and cost estimation.

CV and portfolio showing selected works of the artist.

Registration form filled out and signed (accessible at this link).

Application process

The call is open to artists (over 18 years old) from any country.

The documents requested may be written in Spanish, Valencian, or English.

The registration form and the documents requested must be preferably submitted through the UPV electronic registry at this link, with destination to the Office of Cultural Action (email to for any problem with the submission and we will help you with the process).

A confirmation of registration will be sent by email as soon as all of the required documentation has been received.

Getting help

For any question, please email to

In case of problems with the system for sending applications, until the day before the deadline for submission of applications, interested persons may request assistance for the electronic processing of their application in this call by sending an email with the application, according to the established model, to the address, expressly indicating in the email that they consent to the electronic processing of their application for participation through a person assigned to the Vice-Rectorate for Art, Science, Technology and Society.